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Bourbon 30 starts on the farm in Breckinridge County, Kentucky, and continues as a bond among brothers that lasts to this day.

Master Crafter Jeff Mattingly and his five brothers and sisters grew up farming 600 acres of Western Kentucky in a tiny, unincorporated community not-so-coincidentally called Mattingly. Mattingly’s father, holding the position of mayor for many years, was a fourth-generation farmer, and an Early Times drinker, something that was also a Mattingly tradition.

“Bourbon 30. It’s that time,” was the all-clear signal that Mayor Mattingly was occupied, thus making it a perfect opportunity for the boys to dip into dad’s stash in the cooler tied to the bed of the pickup truck. Whether Mayor Mattingly ever knew is still up for debate, but the brothers enjoyed the mischief and still enjoy the laughs over a glass of Bourbon 30 spirits.

Now, Jeff Mattingly invites you to be a part of this tradition and enjoy the fun, laughs and family spirit that make up the roots of Bourbon 30 Spirits. Now you can enjoy this pastime, which has helped create so many great memories, and hopefully you can make some memories of your own.

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